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May 25, 2019

Jenkins is the creator of the bestselling Left Behind series.

Becoming a writer seems glamorous. I became a writer because I had a message, wanted to make a difference, touch other people. Strong desire leads to fear of mot succeeding, thus procrastination, “writer’s block.”

Number one complaint of writers is fear. They cannot achieve their dreams because of it.

If you have a dream, you have come to the right webinar to get help.

I’ll teach you nine secrets to conquering that fear. I’ve averaged over four books a year, selling tens of millions. I, too, was once unknown and unpublished.

  1. Set a sacred deadline. Tell others. Commit. Calculate pages/day to make your deadline. Schedule some procrastination and work time. Recalculate the pages/day needed as you approach the deadline.
  2. Establish a daily writing routine. Stick to it. Minimize social media involvement.
  3. Celebrate small gains. Title, subtitle, dedication, acknowledgment, epigram, Prologue, first paragraph…print them out. You have started. Next day, another small goal.
  4. Always think “reader-first.” What will make this most interesting?
  5. Know your why. Recall the reasons you wanted to write this book? What is your “why”?
  6. Make time to write. Schedule, sacrifice. Even three hours per week.
  7. Make yourself accountable to someone else. Tell them how you are doing.
  8. Join a writers’ group to work together with.
  9. Find a mentor…to learn the craft and help you overcome barriers.


This talk was followed by a description/pitch for a writing program being sold by Jenkins et al., The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild.  There are self-study courses, with detailed roadmaps, master classes, fiction and non-fiction. Sessions are recorded and archived and put into pdf files. E.g., self-editing, dialog, point of view, show don’t tell, your first five pages, prefect itch, theater of your readers mind, main characters, memoirs, how-to…all available in the archives.  

Manuscript repair and re-write: JJ edits the first page of a student’s work. Highly popular sessions. Show what must be changed and why. Example helps students do it for themselves.

Office hours make JJ available online.

Motivated, caring communities of fellow students. 2000 members.

These benefits raise your confidence and improve your performance, getting you to your published book.

What is the cost? $45 / month. Sign up online.


If you want my coaching/editing help for your book, contact me at I am not Jerry Jenkins, but you will not be one of thousands in a group, but one of a few, getting personal attention. It is the difference between getting books/videos etc. or getting a personal coach/editor.

Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.

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