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The world is made of light, of wind, of natural resources. In contrast, we have the chilling story of the poor children of Africa.

Decades ago, Africa was a beautiful and proud continent, a dream for those who lived there, and a story for their children, who were filled with life and love. The traditional world passed into history; then came the modern world, emphasizing that now one must live by knowledge and intelligence.

Sadly beautiful are those who have not had the chance to be lifted into the modern world, many isolated, terrified by sudden change. In some African villages, many have no electricity, no schools. These are obstacles for villager families, for those who want to see the other side of the village or to get to the capital to see how other people live. In African cities, there is what is called “modernization,” which brings a great difference between villages and cities.

In Africa, where poverty and misery and political upheavals impoverish the  population and enrich their leaders’ pockets, while the children have either no future or their future is threatened, the people are forced to into antagonistic relationships, with robberies, drugs, unhealthy propaganda, etc.

It is sad to know that, all over the world, we expect that there are poor children, but this is so especially in the African continent. Where did the leaders go? What did they do with the natural resources their countries have? We all know that in natural resources the richest continent in the world is Africa, so why are there poor children?

We see, in almost all African countries, children being used, working for food, some sleeping on the sidewalks, young children aged 10 to 16, young mothers pregnant by malicious people…all just trying to survive.

Note the contrast: the misfortune of these children pays for the wealth and happiness of the leaders, all corrupt.
Unbelievable, except if ne were to lose the meaning of the words, are the lies that leaders of African countries tell poor or destitute children. In some cases, there is only desolation.

Instead of helping, the leaders only impoverished their populations, and in such a circumstance, we find children deprived. In this pit, the poor children of Africa live. Unable to feed themselves, having no future prospects, no continuing employment, they only grab to fill their pockets, because in a country run by a corrupt, corrupt government, it is the weakest that suffer, and this leads to tribal conflict.

Some years back, Africa was a better continent, with devout leaders, fighting for the future of their countries, not for filling their own pockets and leaving the population hungry.

Now, always, the homeless children, begging in the streets, not knowing where to go, find only landmarks and sidewalks.

Seeing the status, the gravity, of the poverty that there is in Africa, rational and humanitarian people should work for one purpose, to bring HELP to the poor in Africa, finding their situation fragile, disturbing, and awful. Yes, we began to find a way to help these homeless, poor, neglected children, by creating foundations, opting for a social system to support these poor street children.

Several countries around the world saw the importance of Africa’s needing help to be able to support these poor children, poor children who have no dormitory, family, future and no history. With the help of God, the love by their neighbors is giving a glimmer of hope to these children, hope of entry into modernization, to live like any other children in the world, to have education and share in the progress of history.

This is how the poor African children hope one day to be worthy in the eyes of the world and one day to tell their stories to the world. If we give children a chance, we and they have hope for the future. African children need hope, and many are going to the West hoping to find hope, a future, and a life.

If we all help the poor children of Africa, not only will we have shown love of our neighbors, we will be happy to have saved them from the horrors of famine.

HOPE for these poor children of Africa is also HOPE for us who help them out of poverty.

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Written by P.C., edited by myself, the beginnings of a possible book. 

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